X/Y offset to RA/DEC conversion

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default orientation
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Reference Coordinates: Formats
(e.g.  10 45 3.6, -59 41 4.2  or  161.26543d, -59.68588d)
Object Name: (Supersedes reference coordinates)

Does the x-offset increase towards the East, or increase towards West?

Does the y-offset increase towards the North, or increase towards the South?

Angle of rotation of Y-axis from North: degrees
(Positive is counterclockwise, negative is clockwise)

Image scale: per unit X, Y offset (e.g., per pixel)

Tutorial: First enter the "Central Coordinates" or "Object Name" from which you wish to compute offset coordinates. For a CCD image with 0.22 arcsec/pixel, enter 0.22 and select "arcseconds" for the "Image scale" (above), and in the fields below enter X and Y offsets (and optional descriptions) in pixels. Then click [Submit] to have the entered offsets (in pixels) converted to corresponding RA and DEC coordinates. NOTE: You can submit offsets for a single position, or a list of positions.

X-offsets Y-offsets OR Comma-separated X, Y offsets [and optional labels]
(e.g. 10.3) (e.g. -62.7) (e.g. -22.45, +22.87, HII Region #1)

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