Guide to NED Classification Search Results Pages

(Latest Revision: 10 December 2009)

This page displays results from searches for classification, type, and attribute data for an individual object. These data are distinct from NED's "Basic Data" because they are referenced and accompanied by detailed qualifiers.

The classification data returned by your search will be presented as an HTML table. An XML VOTable format will be available in the near future.

Classifications are presented in two sections: 1) as published, and 2) as standardized by NED.

The "Published" section has just two entries:

  • The classification itself, perhaps with some parts "translated" for easier reading (e.g. "compact" for "c" or "C", "edge-on" for "sp")
  • The reference code for the source of the classification. This is linked to NED's Reference database so that you may easily retrieve the full reference or abstract.

The "NED Homogenized" section has several entries:

  • The classification itself in NED's adopted notation based on that in RC3 or RSA for optical classifications. Note that NED has adopted a single uncertainty symbol "?" in this field to represent all levels of uncertainty (e.g. ":", "::", "?", and so forth). The original uncertainty symbol is available in the "Published" classification.
  • A quality flag, usually taken from the original publication, but sometimes inferred by NED.
  • The bandpass:
    Gamma ray X-ray
    Ultraviolet Optical
    Near IR Infrared
    Far IR Sub-millimeter
    Millimeter Radio
  • The region to which the classification applies e.g. "Galaxy" for the entire galaxy, "Nucleus" for its nucleus alone, "Cluster" for a cluster of galaxies, etc.
  • Notes clarifying or commenting on the classification. For example, the original 7-byte coded type from RC3 is given as a note.

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