Guide to NED Notes Search Results

(Latest Revision: 8 May 2009)

This page displays Notes from various catalogs or articles. The notes returned by your search will be presented as an HTML table (default), HTML preformatted text, ASCII text (tab-separated or bar-separated), or in XML (VOTable) format. The HTML output is formatted for easy reading by eye on your computer screen, while the ASCII and XML output is appropriate for parsing by computer scripts or programs. The ASCII and XML tables are preceded by a header line showing the data contents of each column.

Each Note is in a numbered block of data:

  • The reference code of the catalog or paper from which the Note is taken. The code is linked to the full title or abstract in NED's bibliographic database.
  • The object name to which the Note applies. This is usually the name listed in the catalog or paper from which the Note is taken, but is always in NED's standard format.
  • The Note itself, transcribed as faithfully as possible from the catalog or paper.

Catalog notes in NED include those from RC1, RC2, UGC, ESO, SGC, and MCG (translated to English). MCG notes for only the MCG zones -01 to -03 (Palomar Sky Survey zones -6 to -18) are presently available. The RC1 Notes include almost all references to the extragalactic literature before 1964; the RC2 Notes include such references between 1964 and 1976.

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