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We have presented a brief overview of issues related to the origin of cosmic magnetic fields. Battery mechanisms produce only a small seed field which needs to be amplified by a dynamo. How fluctuation and mean-field dynamos work is at present under intense scrutiny. Basic ideas of turbulent dynamos are in place. But a detailed understanding of the saturation of fluctuation dynamos, and the linear/nonlinear behaviour of turbulent transport co-efficients associated with MFD's, is still challenging. There is also increasing interest in finding natural mechanisms for primordial field generation in the early universe, and their observational consequences. Our knowledge of galactic, cluster and IGM fields has come from observing the synchrotron polarization and Faraday rotation in the radio wavelengths. Instruments like the SKA will expand this knowledge enormously [46], and will be crucial to further probe the magnetic universe.


I thank the SOC for providing support to attend this excellent meeting.