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(Latest Revision: 16 May 2016)

Welcome to the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED)

March-May 2016 Release Highlights

User Interface

Try our next-generation user interface, which features a Simple Search box on the main screen.

In response to a query such as "NGC 1365 images" in the Simple Search box (or using the image search form), the results can be rapidly sorted on various columns (e.g., spectral region) and searched for any string. A link to the IRSA Finderchart service enables users to change the field of view, or interact with imagery from major sky surveys such as 2MASS, WISE, and SDSS at the same location.

Database Contents

Tabular and graphical summaries of NED's current holdings are presented here.

References and Object Pointers

  • 1,094,528 new object links (pointers) to 814 new references

Cross-IDs and New Objects

  • 252,341 sources from the literature cross-identified with NED objects
  • 71,412 new NED objects

Featured Additions to Objects and Basic Data

  • 63,111 galaxies in the Shapley supercluster from Shapley Optical Survey (Mercurio, A. et al. 2006MNRAS.368..109M )
  • 56,152 COSMOS, AEGIS, GEMS, and GOODS galaxies from Bulgeless Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift (Bizzocchi, L. et al. 2014ApJ...782...22B )
  • 17,019 galaxies and redshifts observed with Hectospec from SHELS: A Complete Galaxy Redshift Survey with R <= 20.6 (Geller, M. et al. 2014ApJS..213...35G )
  • 2,531 radio sources in the CDF-S and ELAIS-S1 fields from ATLAS 1.4 GHz Data Release 2 (Hales, C. et al. 2014MNRAS.441.2555H )
  • 4,364 HII regions in M31 from A New Catalog of H II Regions in M31 (Galametz, A. et al. 2011AJ....142..139A )
  • Over new 600 supernovae from ASASSN, DES, GAIA, MASTER, MLS, and SNHunt surveys via hundreds of ATels ( The Astronomer's Telegram )

Redshift-Independent Distances


  • 919 images from CHANG-ES. IV. Radio Continuum Emission of 35 Edge-on Galaxies Observed with the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in D Configuration---Data Release 1. (Wiegert et al. 2015AJ....150...81W)
  • 783 images from The subarcsecond mid-infrared view of local active galactic nuclei - I. The N- and Q-band imaging atlas (Asmus et al. 2014MNRAS.439.1648A)


  • 497 spectra from The Extragalactic Distance Database: All Digital H I Profile Catalog (Courtois et al. 2009AJ....138.1938C)
  • 176 spectra from HI observations of edge-on spiral galaxies (Huchtmeier et al. 2005A&A...435..459H)
  • 4 spectra from Irregular galaxies with extended HI emission (Hunter D. A., Gallagher J. S. III. 1985AJ.....90.1789H)
  • 2 spectra from Gas dynamics in barred spiral galaxies - II. NGC 7496 and 289 (Pence W. D., Balckman C. P. 1984MNRAS.210..547P)

Latest Review Articles in LEVEL 5 Knowledgebase for Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology

New User Interface and New Approach for Data Integration

New User Interface

The NED user interface has begun a transition to a new, more modern style. This new interface may be previewed here. Drop down menus may be used to quickly access searches for objects, data, or literature. Clicking one of these options will lead to the classic, familiar search forms for services that have not yet adopted the new style. Searches By (or Near) Object Name, Near Position, and by RefCode (Reference Code) may be typed directly into a prominently featured smart box. The following search forms are available in the new style:

New Approach for Data Integration

NED has implemented a new methodology for integrating data from both very large catalogs (VLCs) containing hundreds of millions of sources, and smaller datasets from the literature. There is a new user interface to Search Objects and Unprocessed Catalog Sources, with an option to include incoming catalog sources that have not yet been cross-identified and had their key parameters fused with other information in NED.

The current release provides access to 471 million catalog sources from the 2MASS Point Source Catalog (2MASS PSC), 42 million catalog sources from the Spitzer Source List (SSTSL2), and 1.6 million catalog sources from the WIde-field nearby Galaxy-cluster survey (WINGS). Over 62 million catalog sources from the GALEX All Sky Survey Catalog (GASC) and the GALEX Medium Imaging Survey Catalog (GMSC) have already been cross-identified with NED objects or promoted to new NED objects.

In the past, cross-identifications between incoming catalog sources and objects in NED were integrated incrementally over many months as the results from cross-matching software were vetted and loaded into the database in chunks spanning across multiple NED updates. This had the disadvantage that only a fraction of catalog sources were accessible in NED until the catalogs were fully processed, and it was not clear exactly what subsets were in NED at any given time. In the new approach, selected parameters (columns) for all catalog sources (rows) are rapidly loaded into a new Catalog Source Representation layer of the database and made available for optional inclusion in search results along with the fully integrated NED objects. A detailed discussion of the ontology of unprocessed catalog sources (Status=S) versus NED objects (Status=O) may be found here.

The Introduction to NED has more details about all of NED's services, and NED's Features gives a brief overview of NED.

The NED History page has previous NED news.

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