Known Issues

(Latest Revision: 22 June 2018)

This page summarizes known issues and feature requests to be addressed in future NED updates.

Multi-object queries

  • Interactive tables in reports generated by Search Objects Near Name, Near Position, and By Refcode have a different appearance and behavior than the tables contained in the single-object query responses.
  • Search options that are shared in common among the classic UI forms 'Search for Objects Near Name', 'Near Position', and 'By IAU Format' need to be suppported in the new UI. Specifically, options are needed to change the default Cosmological Parameters for Derived Quantities, and to filter object selection via Redshift, Object Type (Include or Exclude), and Name Prefixes.
  • Search Objects In Refcode: Refcode search needs to strip leading white spaces. For example, input of "1997A&A...323...31K" works fine but input of " 1997A&A...323...31K" returns no data.
  • Search Objects By Parameters: In the output results page, include a link to display the (machine readable text of VOTable) result table in Firefly for easy viewing and plotting.
  • Search Objects By Parameters: The result table from a parameter search should include a record of the input parameters, as in the HTML report.

Connectivity to other databases and archives

  • In the Images tab, after clicking the link "View in IRSA Finderchart", the entry field for "Name or Position" field is blank; it used to be automatically filled with the object name from the NED screen. This is due to a change in the IRSA API. Until this is improved, the work-around is to type the object name into this field before clicking the Search button.
  • Labels for links to ADS abstract pages labeled "ADS" should contain the full bibliographic refcode instead, i.e., "2016ApJS..227....9P".
  • Some links labeled "ADS" do not have an abstract page at ADS. Ex:

Single object (e.g., By Name) queries

  • In the Search Objects By Name form, the Extended Name search feature from the classic UI is missing; this is essential to easily find components of galaxy pairs, etc.
  • Some tabs do not list the number of entries: Distances, Classifications, Spectra, Images, External Links
  • Overview: Under Redshift-independent Distances, the number of measurements is listed, but not the mean or best available value. This will be available after improvements to the methods used to derive a preferred value are implemented.
  • Overview: The SED preview plot should not be interactive here, only in the "Photometry & SED" tab.
  • Cross-IDs: Object name prefixes need links to the Source Nomenclature service that defines them (as in classic UI)
  • Notes: Long notes cannot be viewed in their entirety. i.e., the user cannot scroll to the right. Long entries need to be displayed in a pop-up panel when the user hovers the mouse over (or long-presses on a touch screen) a stub entry showing the first few words.
  • Diameters: In the second column, use of "Frequency targeted" is a peculiar title, because this contains jargon terms for filter passbands, etc. Also, the "Frequency Unit" columns nearly always contains A (angstoms) or microns. Better labels for these fields would be "Energy" and "Energy Unit", as in the CAOM.
  • Photometry & SED: The primary table labeled "Photometry for (object name)" contains a mixture of continuum measurements in flux density units and integated line measurements in flux units. These will be separated into separate tables. Until then, the filter " = 'Jy' " is used to select and plot flux density units by default.
  • Photometry & SED: Ability to switch between frequency and wavelength units on the X axis is needed (CUI functionality).
  • Photometry & SED: Ability to switch between nu and nu*f_{nu} units on the Y axis is needed (CUI functionality).
  • Photometry & SED: After clicking on the gear icon (Chart options and tools), a red box appears around the X axis field with message "Unknown variable "Frequency". After this, it is unclear how to reset to the default display.
  • Photometry & SED: Since the Quick-Look table is grouped with the plot, the user naturally thinks those are the data being plotted, where in fact it is the data in the lower table being plotted. Need to explain better the purpose of the QL table, clarify that's its the data in the larger table that are being plotted, and revamp the presentation.
  • Images: The interactive table has a different appearance and functonality than the tables contained in the the single-object query responses; replace with Firefly.
  • Images: Clarify that the data available here are from the NED repository of user-contributed images, not the result of a dynamic search on external archives. Otherwise, users wonder why is there no image from 2MASS, WISE, etc.
  • Spectra: Clicking on a data link (Author-ASCII, VOTable, etc.) opens the table in the same browser tab, so going back to browsing one's NED search results requires hitting the back button and starting over from the default results Overview tab. Open it in a new tab, as for Images, etc.
  • References: Some older references have the author names in ALL CAPS. Ex: 1999PASP..111..438F in the References list for object Arp 1. Note they are not ALL CAPS at ADS.
  • References: Here and elsewhere, the Refcode column with the link to ADS should display the actual refcode rather than "ADS".
  • References: In some cases the full Article Title cannot be viewed.
  • External Links: Table column labels (e.g., "resource_name") need to be replaced with user-friendly versions (e.g., "Resource Name"), as in other data tabs.
  • External Links: The link to "Explore IRSA resources with RADAR" is broken. Example: Results for object NGC 6926. Invalid location specification or object name "ngc". Links to other IRSA resources also need to be updated, including Retrieve 2MASS Atlas Images: The requested URL /cgi-bin/2MASS/IM/nph-im_postype=at&ds=asky&date=&scan=&coadd=&band=A&subsz=120&POS=308.275458 was not found on this server. Also, all links to IRSA should now use https rather than http.
  • External Links: The link to "Retrieve NVSS Image" is broken. Example: Results for object NGC 6926. A new tab pops up momentarily, but quickly closes.
  • External Links: The organization of these links is unclear and should be improved.


  • Reports from Coordinate Calculator, Extinction Calculator, and Velocity Calculator need improvements to layout and legibility, with a common look and feel similar to Overview and other screens. Cleaner distinction between Input and Output parameters, use 'Overview Blue', etc.
  • Coordinate Calculator: The error message is extremely hard to read or notice, with light gray text on white background
  • Extinction Calculator: The help page needs complete content. Remove "Lorum ipsum."

Remaining functionality from the classic NED UI

The following NED features are not yet integrated into the new interface. While this work is in progress, please access these tools in the Classic Services menu option above.
  • Search Objects by IAU Name (the input form will be consolidated with Near Name and Near Position)
  • Search Objects by Classifications
  • Search References by Object Name
  • Build Data Table from Input List
  • Galaxy Environment search tool
  • Level 5 Knowledgebase

Information (Documentation)

  • Program Interfaces: The examples should all have https rather than http.
  • "Community >>" links to Documents/&page=Community which is missing. Need a Community index page analogous to the pages for the other categories in the Information drop-down list.

Support for portable touch-screen devices

  • Currently there is not a UI mode optimized for touch screens. However, on many tablets and smart phones with 5" screens or larger, if you set your web browser into "desktop" mode, most screens are functional.
  • Pressing and holding on a main menu item (e.g., Tools >>) does not leave it open long enough to make a selection from the drop-down list.

User Experience (UX)

  • In input forms containing show/hide regions indicated by a small arrow, such as Search Options and Search Objects with Parameter Constraints, the arrow icon should be an active control in addition to the text.
  • Need consistent placement and colors of buttons throughout.
  • Some users report difficulty accessing the horizontal scroll bar in Firefly tables, for example in the References, Notes, and Diameters tabs (on Mac OS X).
  • Help icons: The question mark icons for help on the input forms need to be larger for better legibility. Also, they should likely be moved to the right of the relevent item.
  • The NED icon in the banner should link to the (new) homepage.
  • In several places the default font is too small.
  • Widening the width of the browser does not extend the width of the (Firefly) table displays.
  • The tooltip ether flashes or does not appear if the cursor is not right at the middle of the label. This was at the By Parameter search panel.

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