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4.8. Charge Exchange

1. A recent, exhaustive compilation, ``Bibliography on electron transfer processes in Ion-Ion/Atom-Molecule collisions'' by H. Tawara (1993), is available from the Research Information Center, National Institute for Fusion Science, Nagoya 464-01, Japan.

While the above reference includes charge exchange data sources for a variety of atomic and molecular species as reactants, most of the following references are for charge exchange between H and positive ions.

2. General references are: Dalgarno (1985), Butler and Dalgarno (1980).

3. A computer program LZRATE has been published by Bienstock (1983).

4. Butler, Heil and Dalgarno (1980) have presented data for C II, C III, C IV, N III, N IV, O III, O IV, Ne III, Ne IV.

5. H I and He II data is given by Jackson et al. (1992), H I data by Jouin and Harel (1991), Errea et al. (1992), and He I data by Slim et al. (1991).

6. Other works are: O VI (Andersson et al. 1991), Al III (Gargaud et al. 1990), Si II (Gargaud et al. 1982), Si III (McCaroll et al. 1976), Si V (Opradolce et al. 1985), Ar VII (Opradolce et al. 1983).

Detailed quantum mechanical calculations, as in these papers, are difficult to carry out. Approximate Landau-Zener rate coefficients may be obtained relatively simply and are given for some Al and Ca ions by Kingdon et al. (1995).