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AM 2315_423

The definition of objects in this Category is that they must consist of four or more galaxies which, by their apparent magnitude and spacing, appear to be associated but not aligned. Just as the previous Category 17 ended with chains not so well aligned, the present Category 18 starts with groups slightly aligned and proceeds into complete non-alignment. Still, many of the Category 18 groups are also fairly good chains, if one just concentrates on the brightest galaxies or the majority of galaxies. For example, page 18.5 shows a group, AM 0007-571, which is a good alignment of bright galaxies within a broader group of fainter galaxies. A number of ring galaxies, interacting galaxies, and peculiar galaxies are included in many of these groups. On page 18.7 is shown AM 0021-571 which was also used to illustrate Category 17: Chains (page 17.21); this again emphasizes the existence of a grey area in such a classification scheme.

Towards the end of Category 18 (page 18.9) we find smaller, apparently more distant groups. One of these is AM 0232-335, which has a plume from one of the galaxies, and probably could also be considered for one of the interacting categories. Finally, on the page 18.10, we find a group containing low-surface-brightness galaxies.

AM 0122-381 picture AM 0007-571 picture AM 0558-522 picture
AM 1354-243 picture AM 0421-492 picture AM 0618-223 picture
AM 2255-652 picture AM 2200-715 picture AM 2359-275 picture
AM 2112-705 picture AM 1204-280 picture AM 0319-542 picture
AM 2243-341 picture AM 0122-381 picture AM 1320-330 picture
AM 0007-571 picture AM 2315-423 picture AM 1032-281 picture
AM 1258-303 picture AM 0111-320 picture AM 0105-472 picture
AM 1210-341 picture AM 0021-571 picture AM 0443-360 picture
AM 1330-421 picture AM 2255-652 picture AM 0231-335 picture
AM 0102-391 picture AM 0519-574 picture AM 0123-685 picture
AM 1325-405 picture AM 0045-421 picture AM 0345-362 picture
AM 0156-562 picture AM 0152-565 picture

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