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AM 1842-632

In the Catalogue only the richest, most conspicuous clusters are noted. Of these only a few are illustrated. They are arranged roughly in order from the clusters containing galaxies of the faintest apparent magnitude. Only the centres of the clusters containing bright galaxies are pictured.

On page 19.2, cluster AM 2344-282 has its central cD galaxies elongated along the line of the cluster. The same is true for AM 2215-390, illustrated in page 19.3.

Close to the plate limit, clusters of galaxies and faint star clusters become almost indistinguishable; examples of this uncertainty are illustrated in the Miscellaneous Category 22, page 22.3.

AM 0546-253 picture AM 1842-632 picture AM 0247-312 picture
AM 2344-282 picture AM 2231-375 picture AM 1355-250 picture
AM 0015-352 picture AM 2243-525 picture AM 2215-390 picture
AM 0011-303 picture

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