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This Category includes any galaxy with an apparent luminous ring around it, and attempts to exclude objects which appear to be spiral galaxies which have had their arms tightly wound into nearly circular appearance. The latter objects are classified under Category 10: Galaxies with Peculiar Spiral Arms. There is, however, an apparent transition between the objects in Category 6 and those in Category 10, which may imply a physical relationship, or in some cases may be only accidental. In any case, we suspect that our Ring Galaxy Category 6 illustrates various separate phenomena leading to similar morphology. Several sub-categories are identified below:

6a. Empty Rings and Displaced Nuclei

AM 0644-741

In the beginning of this sub-category there are examples of empty rings. Sometimes there are galaxies nearby which could be interpreted as displaced nuclei, but they could also be interpreted as interacting companions. Previous good examples of empty rings are No. 146, 147 and 148 in the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies (Arp 1966).

By page 6.2 nuclei are found apparently displaced towards the edge of the ring. By page 6.3 some of the famous and spectacular southern rings are seen with considerably off-set nuclei. On page 6.4 is the "Cart-wheel" (Fosbury and Hawarden 1977), the prototype for the rings shown here with only slightly displaced nuclei. In AM 1354-250 there is a low-surface-brightness filament linking the main galaxy with the companion. In AM 2331-705 the thick inner ring is so bright that it almost merges with the bright nuclear region.

AM 1953-260 picture AM 0051-272 picture AM 2145-543 picture
AM 0814-760 picture AM 0417-391 picture AM 0438-503 picture
AM 0642-801 picture AM 2034-483 picture AM 2152-592 picture
AM 2220-493 picture AM 1724-622 picture AM 0058-311 picture
AM 2343-703 picture AM 2021-724 picture AM 0644-741 picture
AM 2322-671 picture AM 1006-380 picture AM 0520-390 picture
AM 0035-335 picture AM 0332-305 picture AM 0608-752 picture
AM 2134-471 picture AM 0227-484 picture AM 0420-440 picture
AM 1354-250 picture AM 1008-392 picture AM 1434-783 picture
AM 2331-705 picture AM 2155-263 picture AM 0403-555 picture

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