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7b. Jets from Spirals

AM 0427-475

The main galaxies in this sub-category are predominantly spiral or spiral-like. The illustrated jets are arranged generally from broad to narrow. In AM 0207-493 the photograph is from a 4m CTIO plate (1422A); there is a foreground star superposed along the line of the jet. In AM 1830-583 the apparent jet may well be a projected companion. In AM 0222-250 a short jet points towards a companion several diameters away. In AM 2042-382 the jet is faint and diffuse and leads south-east from this disturbed spiral. In AM 2333-630 a possible jet in the disk points westward from the nucleus. The picture shown for AM 0427-475 is from a superposition of three 2.5m Las Campanas plates (CD106, 107, and 108). There is a narrow jet emerging from the centre of the spiral (NGC 1598) going north-east and south-west, and there is a curved jet emerging from the outer regions of the ``Carafe'' galaxy (the south-west galaxy of the three)

AM 0207-493 picture AM 1546-284 picture AM 1027-435 picture
AM 0217-432 picture AM 1454-425 picture AM 0239-273 picture
AM 1830-583 picture AM 0222-250 picture AM 0422-514 picture
AM 0956-282 picture AM 2042-382 no match in NED AM 2333-630 picture
AM 2316-272 picture AM 0427-475 picture

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