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7c. Jets from Various Kinds of Galaxies

AM 0010-265

There are various kinds of jets, generally somewhat narrower than in the preceding two sub-categories, and emerging from a range of different kinds of central objects. In AM 0501-632, narrow jets appear to continue out from either end of the major axis. In AM 1124-272 the object looks similar to ``the Wakamatsu jet'' (see Arp in ESO Workshop on Jets, Feb. 1981, and Wakamatsu and Arp 1983). In AM 0647-320 the jet seems to emanate from a stellar image: it may possibly be a star projected onto an edge-on galaxy. The first four objects on page 7.10 have very long jets of low-surface-brightness. They are possibly related to Category 15: Galaxies with Tails and Loops of Material or Debris. On page 7.12 the first two objects are ellipticals with very faint and short jets which are only possible candidates. In AM 0926-762 there appear to be narrow, forked jets emanating from the south-east end of the major axis. In AM 0329-362 the small peculiar galaxy appears to have a very narrow jet emerging to the south-west to a possibly stellar object. Very good seeing would be needed to check the existence of the jet. Finally, AM 1025-401 apparently illustrates a case of crossed jets contained completely within the disk of a galaxy. The pattern consists of six radial spokes reminiscent of an asterisk.

AM 0501-632 picture AM 1124-272 picture AM 0443-624 picture
AM 0943-333 picture AM 2303-443 picture AM 2154-512 picture
AM 2109-613 picture AM 1051-855 - not in NED/Vol I AM 0646-320 picture
AM 1229-512 picture AM 2349-525 picture AM 2015-273 picture
AM 2330-385 picture AM 2023-325 picture AM 0302-504 picture
AM 2326-595 picture AM 0435-322 picture AM 0835-184 - not in NED/Vol I
AM 0501-761 picture AM 0233-453 picture AM 0511-303 picture
AM 0010-265 picture AM 0049-412 picture AM 0216-451 picture
AM 0338-374 picture AM 0457-620 picture AM 1925-724 picture
AM 0926-762 picture AM 0329-362 picture AM 0054-401 picture
AM 1025-401 picture

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