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7d. Jets from Companion Galaxies

AM 0054-240

Each individual case seems different. In AM 2335-474 the companion is south-east of the distorted E and is of very high surface brightness. The filament or jet emerges predominantly northward from it. in AM 2158-515 there is either a narrow, short jet or absorption in the companion to the large E galaxy. In AM 1104-365 the spiral has an apparent companion north-east along its major axis. The companion is a low-surface-brightness dwarf with a bright, compact nucleus. A short, narrow jet appears to emerge from this nucleus. In AM 2310-685 there is an aligned triple of distorted galaxies. The central galaxy appears to have a narrow jet emerging to the north-east. In AM 0926-355 the companion to the E galaxy appears to be an interacting double. A short jet with a stellar condensation on its end appears to emerge from the north-west member of this double. In AM 0054-240 the apparent jet might, in fact, be interacting companions aligned towards the center of the spiral. One pf the best examples of a jet from a companion can be seen in Category 3; on page 3.1, AM 0110-582 shows a faint but straight jet emerging from the companion towards the south-east.

AM 2335-474 picture AM 2158-515 picture AM 1104-365 picture
AM 2310-685 picture AM 0926-355 picture AM 0054-240 picture

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