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This is the Category which is illustrated with the largest number of photographs in the present Catalogue. Because of the important relationships which smaller companion galaxies appear to have with respect to their central galaxy (see discussion in the Introduction of Volume I) a large number of candidate associations have been presented here. In some cases there are disturbances or peculiarities in either the companions or the main galaxies which, to some extent, supports the reality of their association. In this respect this Category is closely allied with Category 1: Galaxies with Interacting Companions. In either case the size, or closeness, or number of companions suggests a physical association. Some of these groups have been studied spectroscopically (Arp 1981, 1982) but most remain to be investigated.

8a. Galaxies with Single Apparent Companions

AM 0340-472

These are arranged roughly in order of increasing distance of the companion from the main galaxy, relative to the diameter of the main galaxy. On page 8.1 the companions are very compact (high surface brightness) with narrow, low-surface-brightness rims. In AM 0329-334 small, peculiar spiral arms emerge from the compact centre. The companion in AM 0242-600 is also very compact, and in AM 0124-583 the companion has a very compact core. In AM 1950-585 the companion is itself an M51-type and is also shown in Category 9. This latter object also calls attention to the relationship between Categories 8 and 9. In AM 1129-300 a large, very compact, apparent companion is shown (also shown in Category 13: Compact Galaxies) and in AM 0256-321 a very low-surface-brightness apparent companion is shown.

AM 0329-334 picture AM 0340-472 picture AM 0242-600 picture
AM 0125-583 picture AM 0821-783 picture AM 2359-275 picture
AM 0103-302 picture AM 2238-575 picture AM 0127-614 picture
AM 1950-585 picture AM 0122-332 picture AM 1738-614 picture
AM 1204-395 picture AM 0317-323 picture AM 0231-391 picture
AM 1129-300 picture AM 0256-321 picture AM 0910-235 picture
AM 0132-414 picture AM 0420-570 picture AM 0223-255 picture
AM 0622-224 picture AM 2233-261 picture AM 0815-295 picture
AM 1006-284 picture AM 2021-434 picture AM 2240-400 picture
AM 0545-513 picture AM 0255-365 picture AM 0203-841 picture
AM 0122-320 picture

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