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AM 0021-623

In the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies (Arp 1966) this Category was called ``companions attached to spiral arms''. It was one of the best-defined and important categories and was ordered according to the relative size of the companion, going from the smallest to largest. In the present Catalogue it is clear that there are four parameters which could characterize an M51-type: (1) relative size of companion, (2) openness of spiral arm on which the companion appears, (3) type of central spiral, and (4) type of companion galaxy.

Any of these parameters, or others, might be deemed the most significant by which to order the Category. In the illustrations we have arranged the objects very approximately by the degree of openness of the arm with which the companion seems to be associated.

The first object illustrated, AM 0021-623, is considered to be a prototype object of this Category. The picture shown is from a 4m CTIO plate (1413A). On page 9.4, object AM 1823-513 is an M51-type in a chain of galaxies and is a reminder that there are some additional examples of M51-types in Category 17. On the same page, object AM 2025-224 appears to be of a type discussed by Vorontsov-Velyaminov (1976, 1977) where there is a companion on the end of each arm. The object is small, however, and requires better resolution in order to check this conclusion. On page 9.8, AM 1950-585 exhibits an apparent companion which is an M51-type and is also illustrated under Category 8. On the same page, object AM 0324-524 has two galaxies south of the obvious spiral, connected by a very faint filament to the other. On page 9.9 the picture shown is from a plate taken with the 2.5m Las Campanas telescope (CD 591) in about one arc second seeing. Immediately following, page 9.10 contains another picture taken with the same telescope (CD 587). On page 9.11 a 4m CTIO photograph is shown (1377A).

AM 0021-623 picture AM 0522-423 picture AM 1353-272 picture
AM 2219-432 picture AM 0430-285 picture AM 0456-264 picture
AM 0207-360 picture AM 2343-633 picture AM 2058-381 picture
AM 0013-562 picture AM 0448-622 picture AM 2105-332 picture
AM 2245-401 picture AM 1823-512 picture AM 0729-660 picture
AM 0500-590 picture AM 2026-225 picture AM 0459-340 picture
AM 2100-381 picture AM 0213-283 picture AM 1416-262 picture
AM 0403-604 picture AM 0536-502 picture AM 0606-770 picture
AM 0523-400 picture AM 0017-454 picture AM 1955-570 picture
AM 0417-754 picture AM 0545-355 picture AM 0452-630 no match in NED
AM 0208-223 picture AM 0215-331 picture AM 0458-250 picture
AM 1950-585 picture AM 0643-563 picture AM 1237-364 picture
AM 0324-524 picture AM 2057-650 picture AM 0058-402 picture
AM 2052-221 picture AM 2256-304 picture AM 1108-300 picture
AM 0430-303 picture AM 1357-253 picture AM 0602-600 no match in NED
AM 0500-620 picture AM 0037-305 picture AM 0639-582 picture
AM 2256-254 picture AM 0550-342 picture AM 1312-365 picture
AM 0327-285 picture AM 2256-480 picture AM 1304-333 picture
AM 0521-505 picture AM 1325-274 picture AM 2214-524 picture
AM 1336-221 picture AM 1108-300 picture
AM 0321-670 not in NED/Vol 1 AM 1332-290 picture AM 1000-254 picture
AM 2306-465 picture

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