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When three galaxies fall within a few diameters of each other on the sky and are disturbed, they are classified as an interacting triple. Sometimes there are smaller galaxies present which would make the group into a quartet or quintet if they were considered dynamically important. The classification in the present Catalogue is based on a subjective decision as to which are the main galaxies that effect the interaction.

3a. Simple Interacting Triples

AM 1914-603

Three galaxies of any type which are roughly the same size, and appear disturbed, are classified into this sub-category. In AM 1914-603 note the displaced fourth member which could also put it into Category 18. In AM 0110-582 a good example of a jet is seen emerging at low surface brightness from the companion to the south-east. In AM 2341-321 the interacting triple has a common envelope and lies north-west of a large, low-surface-brightness galaxy. This object is also illustrated under Category 8.

Category 3. Interacting Triples - Simple Interacting Triples

AM 1914-603 picture AM 2141-491 picture AM 0149-334 picture
AM 2252-340 picture AM 0110-582 picture AM 2341-321 picture
AM 0049-273 picture AM 0040-234 picture AM 0332-251 picture
AM 1313-370 picture AM 0103-520 picture AM 2108-452 picture

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