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This is the main module that actually computes the rate coefficients for the processes described in section 2 (after reading the related atomic data from a separate input file) and then solves the system of equations of statistical equilibrium.

It begins defining a few useful constants to the evaluation of the rate coefficients and three new types:

This module also declares several global variables that are visible to the main program. Table 1 shows the correspondence between most important variables and the mathematical quantities given in section 2.

Table 1.
Correspondence between global variables in module POPRATIO and mathematical quantities.

Variable Mathematical quantity

E(i) Ei
g(i) gi
A(i,j) Aij
B(i,j) Bij
u(i,j) uij
CD(k)%q(i,j) qkij
gam(i,j) Gammaij
matrix(i,j) Mij
indep(i) Ii
X(i) Xi

We also have the following routines:

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