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3b. Interacting Triples which are Aligned

AM 0626-470

Surprisingly, a large number of interacting triple systems show a tendency towards alignment, the statistical and physical significance of which has yet to be determined. In this sub-category are shown some interacting triple systems illustrating various degrees of alignment. Many of the galaxies in chains, Category 17, show disturbance, so the present sub-category is related to that Category as well. It is also true that many apparent companions tend to be diametrically aligned across central galaxies so that the present Category is also related to Category 8, and to Categories 4 and 5.

AM 0903-715 picture AM 1134-323 picture AM 2350-410 picture
AM 0051-473 picture AM 1259-322 picture AM 0221-330 picture
AM 0619-573 picture AM 1934-563 picture AM 0553-394 picture
AM 2222-275 picture AM 2314-225 picture AM 0146-521 picture
AM 2001-601 picture AM 0107-375 picture AM 0243-242 picture
AM 2102-252 picture AM 1155-443 picture AM 0529-565 picture
AM 0123-373 picture AM 0416-502 picture AM 0626-470 picture
AM 0405-371 picture AM 0043-373 picture AM 2347-614 picture

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