January 2020 Release Highlights

(Latest Revision: 17 Jan 2020)

User Interface

  • For By Name, Near Name or Near Position (Cone), In Refcode, and By Parameters search, a checkbox column is added on the left to all result tables to enable selecting the rows of interest.
  • A new "View References in ADS" button is added on the upper left corner of all search result tables containing a "Refcode" column, which include tables under the "Coordinates", "Redshifts", "Distances", "Classifications", "Galactic Extinctions", "Notes", "Diameters", "Photometry & SED", and "References" tabs. A maximum of 50 unique "Refcode" values can be collected from the selections and sent out to ADS for a reference search. When no row is selected, the default is to send all the unique refcodes to ADS, with a maximum of 50 as well.
    Caution: The number of reference codes sent to ADS may differ from the number of references returned by ADS due to some NED reference codes not recognized by ADS. NED is working with the ADS team to match up all the reference codes.
  • A new "Survey Coverage" tab is added to the "Detailed Information for a Named Object" page, where HiPS image centered on the searched object is overlayed with SDSS9 color MOC in orange and GALEX GR6 AIS MOC in green.
  • The NED gravitational wave follow-up (GWF) service has extended the distance limit from 200 Mpc to 1 Gpc. Please see the NED-GWF Overview page for more details.
  • A tutorial on how to use the Near Name or Near Position (Cone) search is available here.

Other improvements

  • Some known issues in the user interface have been resolved.

For highlights in previous releases, please see Archived Release Notes.