November 2021 Release Highlights

Database Contents

The Chandra Source Catalog (CSC 2.0.1) has been integrated into NED. CSC 2.0.1 includes measured properties such as positions, photometry and source extent information for 317,167 unique compact and extended X-ray sources in the sky, out of which 80% were cross-matched with existing objects and 20% became new objects in NED. Please refer to Holdings » Data Sets » Chandra Source Catalog (CSC 2.0.1) for more information on the catalog ingestion and validation.

Tabular summaries of NED's current holdings are presented here. Graphic summaries are presented here.

References and Object Pointers

989,006 new object links (pointers) to 1,167 new references including:

  • 932,378 2MASS sources from 2MASS Photometric Redshift catalog (Bilicki, M. et al., 2014ApJS..210....9B )
  • 11,699 galaxies from Mean Estimate Distances for Galaxies with Multiple Estimates in NED-D (Steer, I., 2020AJ....160..199S )
  • 4,282 galaxies from Ultraviolet and optical view of galaxies in the Coma supercluster (Mahajan S. et al., 2018MNRAS.478.4336M )
  • 2,720 galaxies from SDSS-IV MaNGA: stellar angular momentum of about 2300 galaxies (Graham M. T. et al., 2018MNRAS.477.4711G )
  • 1,916 galaxies from High-redshift Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies: A Candidate Sample (Rakshit S. et al., 2021ApJS..253...28R )

Cross-IDs and New Objects

  • 323,338 sources from the literature cross-identified with NED objects
  • 63,225 new NED objects including galaxies, quasars, clusters of galaxies, supernovae, globular clusters as well as unidentified radio, visual, infrared, X-ray, and gamma-ray sources.


5,348,301 new photometric data points integrated into SEDs, including:

  • VIS: VLT line fluxes from Extreme emission-line galaxies out to z ∼ 1 in zCOSMOS. I. Sample and characterization of global properties (Amorin, R. et al., 2015A&A...578A.105A)
  • Radio: RATAN fluxes from The observed radio/gamma-ray emission correlation for blazars with the Fermi-LAT and the RATAN-600 data (Mufakharov, T. et al., 2015MNRAS.450.2658M)
  • X-Ray : XMM fluxes from Baryon content and dynamic state of galaxy clusters: XMM-Newton observations of A1095 and A1926 (Ge, Chong et al., 2016MNRAS.459..366G)
  • SUBMM: SCUBA and LABOCA fluxes from The Space Density of Luminous Dusty Star-forming Galaxies at z > 4: SCUBA-2 and LABOCA Imaging of Ultrared Galaxies from Herschel-ATLAS (Ivison, R.J. et al., 2016ApJ...832...78I)
  • IR: AKARI fluxes from A New Sample of Obscured AGNs Selected from the XMM-Newton and AKARI Surveys (Terashima, Yuichi et al., 2015ApJ...814...11T)

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