August 2020 Release Highlights

(Latest Revision: 6 Aug 2020)

User Interface

  • A new References by Author Name form under Literature on the top menu bar enables author name searches in ADS constrained to articles containing objects in NED.
  • Reference Lookup search results now display the number of objects in NED for the reference, when applicable.
  • Instead of only displaying tabs with data, which caused them to shift position in search results for different objects, results from a By Name object search now include all the data tabs. Tabs containing no data are grayed out and are not clickable.
  • Under the Overview tab in By Name search results, a "View in IRSA Finderchart" link is provided to explore available images for the given object using the IRSA Finderchart service.
  • Under the Photometry & SED tab in By Name object search results, Photometry and Flux Density are displayed as decimal numbers when the measured values are between 0.001 and 10 million. Values outside this range are displayed in scientific notation.
  • SED plots in the Photometry & SED tab are improved by adding upward pointing arrows to represent lower limit values. An example can be viewed in the SED of NGC 1068.
  • The width of the following input fields have been increased to provide a complete view of the entered values in search forms: Object name for a By Name search, Object name for Near Name search, Coordinates for a Near Position search, and IAU name for an IAU search.

For highlights in previous releases, please see Archived Release Notes.