May 2021 Release Highlights

Performance and User Experience Improvements

  • For By Name and Near Name search, when an input name is ambiguous, a drop-down list of possible names is provided for users to choose from.
  • The search options (e.g., redshift constraints, object type, cosmological parameters) for By Name search and Near Name or Position (Cone) search are now preserved and kept on the screen for the next search.
  • When performing By Name and Near Name or Position (Cone) searches, a spinning wheel is added to indicate the search is in progress after the "Go" button is clicked. It disappears when the search result is returned.
  • The full tool bar for "Survey Coverage" maps is now encapsulated inside the display area, enabling easy interaction with the maps.
  • Various system updates were carried out to improve the performance of searches.

For highlights in previous releases, please see Archived Release Notes.