March 2021 Release Highlights

Tabular summaries of NED's current holdings are presented here. Graphic summaries are presented here.

References and Cross-IDs

  • 517,076 new object links (pointers) added to 845 new refrences
  • 3,176 sources from the literature cross-identified with NED objects


  • 890,185 additional redshifts from Two Micron All Sky Survey Photometric Redshift Catalog: A Comprehensive Three-dimensional Census of the Whole Sky (Bilicki, Maciej et al., 2014ApJS..210....9B)


29,067 new photometric data points integrated into SEDs, including:

  • VIS: OSSY line fluxes from Shocked POststarbust Galaxy Survey. I. Candidate Post-starbust Galaxies with Emission Line Ratios Consistent with Shocks (Alatalo, Katherine et al., 2016ApJS..224...38A)
  • Xray: Chandra fluxes from X-rays beware: the deepest Chandra catalogue of point sources in M31 (Vulic, N. et al., 2016MNRAS.461.3443V)
  • Radio: 21 Centimeter Array fluxes from Radio Sources in the NCP Region Observed with the 21 Centimeter Array (Zheng, Qian et al., 2016ApJ...832..190Z)
  • FIR: Herschel fluxes from HerMES: a search for high-redshift dusty galaxies in the HerMES Large Mode Survey - catalogue, number counts and early results (Asboth, V. et al., 2016MNRAS.462.1989A)

Other improvements

  • A new video tutorial is added to give an overview of the NED user interface, and highlight the tools and services that it provides.
  • Some known issues in the user interface have been resolved.

For highlights in previous releases, please see Archived Release Notes.