October 2019 Release Highlights

(Latest Revision: 14 Oct 2019)

Database Contents

Tabular summaries of NED's current holdings are presented here. Graphic summaries are presented here. After the ingestion of the AllWISE Source Catalog, NED now has over 1.1 billion distinct objects, and about 14 billion photometric data points.

AllWISE Source Catalog

  • All 747,634,026 sources from the AllWISE Source Catalog (Cutri, R. M. et al. 2013wise.rept....1C ) were integrated into NED. Out of them, 307,940,233 matched with existing NED objects, 439,693,793 became new distinct objects.

References and Object Pointers

1,048,072 new object links (pointers) and 2,032 new references including:
  • 217,813 Chandra X-ray sources from CHANDRA ACIS Survey of X-Ray Point Sources: The Source Catalog (Wang, S. et al. 2016ApJS..224...40W )
  • 126,068 Brightest Cluster Galaxies identified in WHL Galaxy Clusters from A Catalog of 132,684 Clusters of Galaxies Identified from Sloan Digital Sky Survey III (Wen, Z. L. Han, J.L. and Liu, F.S. 2012ApJS..199...34W )
  • 125,716 Sources and photometric redshifts from the Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey (SERVS) from An Application of Multi-band Forced Photometry to One Square Degree of SERVS. (Nyland, K. et al 2017ApJS..230....9N )
  • 117,883 Sources and photometric redshifts in the VVDS-F22 field from Deep CFHT Y-band Imaging of VVDS-F22 Field. I. (Liu, D. et al 2017AJ....153...53L )
  • 41,457 more CANDELS sources from CANDELS Multi-wavelength Catalogs: (Stefanon, M. et al. 2017ApJS..229...32S )
  • 16,800 Globular Clusters and Visual Sources around MESSIER 087 from Galaxy structure from multiple tracers - I. A census of M87's globular cluster populations (Oldham, L. J. et al. 2016MNRAS.455..820O )
  • 700 supernovae through Dec 2018 from ASASSN, PS1, and Transient Name Server.

Cross-IDs and New Objects

  • 833,740 sources from the literature cross-identified with NED objects.
  • Apart from the ALLWISE sources mentioned above, 237,953 new NED objects including galaxies, quasars, clusters of galaxies, supernovae, globular clusters as well as unidentified radio, visual, infrared, X-ray, and gamma-ray sources.


  • 429,143 additional redshifts
  • 116,466 more objects with redshifts


34,691 new photometric data points integrated into SEDs, including :
  • RADIO: Effelsberg fluxes from The Radio Spectral Energy Distribution and Star-Formation Rate Calibration in Galaxies (Tabatabaei, F. S. et al. 2017ApJ…836..185T)
  • SUBMM & FIR: Herschel fluxes from Herschel-ATLAS First Data Release of the Science Demonstration Phase Source Catalogues (Rigby, E.E. et al. 2011MNRAS.415.2336R)
  • XRAY: XMM fluxes from The 2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey. III. Clusters Associated with Spectroscopically Targeted Luminous Red Galaxies in SDSS-DR10 (Takey, A. et al. 2014A&A...564A..54T)
  • VIS: CFHT magnitudes from Multi-color Detection of Gravitational Arcs (Mauri, Matteo et al. 2014A&A...567A.111M)


  • 14 HI images and cubes for 4 objects from A High-resolution Mosaic of the Neutral Hydrogen in the M81 Triplet (de Blok et al. 2018ApJ...865...26D )


  • 1,138,363 spectra from Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR6 (Sloan Digital Sky Survey Team 2007SDSS6.C...0000:)

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