Spitzer Source List (SSL)

(Latest revision: 22 July 2017)


The Spitzer Source List is a Source List of photometry for compact sources from the Spitzer Enhanced Imaging Products (SEIP). It's a bandmerged source list of photometry for highly reliable compact sources in the IRAC 3.6, 4.5, 5.8, 8.0 micron, and the MIPS 24 micron bands. Only sources detected at the 10-sigma level in at least one channel are included.

NED nomenclature

Example: SSTSL2 J133812.31+481651.0
Description: SSTSL2 stands for Spitzer Space Telescope Source List Version 2. The SSTSLP (P for preliminary) prefix in the SEIP Explanatory Supplement is obsolete.

Processing Notes

1) Positional uncertainties were not given for individual objects in the original catalog. A comparison with UCAC3 astrometry for 5000 point sources in the Taurus Molecular Cloud (SEIP Explanatory Supplement, Table 4.4) gives a standard deviation of (sigma_RA, sigma_Dec)=(0.29", 0.28"). A comparison in the same region with respect to 2MASS gives (sigma_RA, sigma_Dec)=(0.18", 0.16"). We used the latter more accurate value for the positional uncertainties in NED (95% CI = 2.5* √ 0.182 + 0.162  = 0.6").

2) Cross-matching the 42,089,764 sources from the SEIP with NED yielded 37.4 million new NED objects and 4.7 million cross-IDs to existing NED objects. Additionally, 360.5 million photometric data points in the IRAC 3.6, 4.5, 5.8, 8.0 micron bands, and in the MIPS 24 micron band, were folded into NED's spectral energy distributions.