User Interface

In a major step toward releasing the next-generation user interface (NUI) as the main entry point to NED, a test site has been configured with the NUI as the homepage, with Classic Services available through the main menu bar.

Summary of new features:

  • Information for a single object are provided in a modern, convenient way
    • Accessible simply by entering an object name in homepage search box
    • A new Overview page summarizes key quantities, as available
    • Detailed data in different categories are organized in tabs

  • The NUI no longer points to HTML results from the classic user interface (CUI)
    • The confusing hybrid situation has been removed

  • Searching for objects in a reference (refcode)
    • Results are presented in an interactive table similar to other queries
    • No longer dependent on the CUI

  • FITS images can be viewed in your web browser using the IPAC Firefly viewer
    • Brings commonality for users of NED, IRSA, and LSST Science UI
    • Replaces Aladin (Java applets no longer supported in web browsers)
    • Pure JavaScript, no plug-in required

  • Reference codes link directly to abstracts in the new ADS (Bumblebee) UI
    • We are providing ADS with refcodes and abstracts for items that are currently only in NED, especially data refcodes created by NED

  • Documentation has been re-organized and updated
    • Available in the main menu under Information
    • New pages: Holdings, Counts, Graphics, User Guides
    • Updates: News, FAQ, Data Sets, Tutorials

  • Improvements to user experience, with similarity to other IPAC websites:
    • Common styling: IPAC banner, header, footer, icons, links
    • Content has fixed-width views for computer, tablet, and smartphone
    • Content is centered in the browser window
    • Flash of blue menu text during page loads is gone
    • Default font in menus and query results is more legible

If you are interested in testing and providing feedback to the NED team on the latest version of the NUI, please contact us.