TitleA catalogue of extragalactic radio sources having flux densities greater than 1 Jy at 5 GHz.
AuthorsKuhr, H.; Witzel, A.; Pauliny-Toth, I. I. K.; Nauber, U.

1981A&AS...45..367K   Search ADS ↗

AbstractA catalogue of 518 extragalactic radio sources is presented. It contains sources from the combined NRAOMPl 5 GHz Strong Source Surveys and the Parkes 2.7 GHz Surveys which altogether cover 9.811 sr of the sky. Within this area the catalogue is essentially complete for sources with flux densities S ≥ 1 Jy at 5 GHz. For most sources the radio spectra are given, as well as the radio positions and basic optical informa ...

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