TitleThe 7C survey of radio sources at 151 MHz - a region covering RA 9^h to 16^h and Dec. 20 deg to 35 deg
AuthorsWaldram, E. M.; Yates, J. A.; Riley, J. M.; Warner, P. J.
AbstractThe Cambridge Low Frequency Synthesis Telescope has been used at 151 MHz to survey a region of 1393 deg^2, in the range RA 9^h-16^h, Dec. 20 deg-35 deg, with an angular resolution of 108x108 cosec delta arcsec^2. The rms noise on the maps is, in general, ~35-55 mJy beam^-1, but varies considerably and exceeds this in some areas. We have extracted sources with a signal-to-noise ratio <~5.5, totalling 5526, and present ...
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