TitleKinematics of the local universe. VII. New 21-cm line measurements of 2112 galaxies
AuthorsTheureau, G.; Bottinelli, L.; Coudreau-Durand, N.; Gouguenheim, L.; Hallet, N.; Loulergue, ...

1998A&AS..130..333T   Search ADS ↗

AbstractThis paper presents 2112 new 21-cm neutral hydrogen line measurements carried out with the meridian transit Nan\c cay radiotelescope. Among these data we give also 213 new radial velocities which complement those listed in three previous papers of this series. These new measurements, together with the HI data collected in LEDA, put to 6 700 the number of galaxies with 21-cm line width, radial velocity, and apparent d ...

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