TitleA Complete Redshift Survey to the Zwicky Catalog Limit in a 2h × 15° Region around 3C 273
AuthorsGrogin, Norman A.; Geller, Margaret J.; Huchra, John P.
AbstractWe compile 1113 redshifts (648 new measurements, 465 from the literature) for Zwicky catalog galaxies in the region (-3.5d <= δ <= 8.5d, 11.5h <= α <= 13.5h). We include redshifts for 114 component objects in 78 Zwicky catalog multiplets. The redshift survey in this region is 99.5% complete to the Zwicky catalog limit, mZw = 15.7. It is 99.9% complete to mZw = 15.5, the CfA Redshift Survey (Cf ...
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