TitleA search for Low Surface Brightness galaxies in the near-infrared. III. Nançay H I line observations
AuthorsMonnier Ragaigne, D.; van Driel, W.; Schneider, S. E.; Balkowski, C.; Jarrett, T. H.

2003A&A...408..465M   Search ADS ↗

AbstractA total of 334 Low Surface Brightness galaxies detected in the 2MASS all-sky near-infrared survey have been observed in the 21 cm H I line using the Nançay telescope. All have a Ks-band mean central surface brightness, measured within a 5'' radius, fainter than 18 mag arcsec-2 and a Ks-band isophotal radius at the 20 mag arcsec-2 level larger than 20''. We present global H ...

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