TitleThe ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. VI. Isophotal Analysis and the Structure of Early-Type Galaxies
AuthorsFerrarese, Laura; Côté, Patrick; Jordán, Andrés; Peng, Eric W.; Blakeslee, John P.; Pi ...

2006ApJS..164..334F   Search ADS ↗

AbstractWe present a detailed analysis of the morphology, isophotal parameters, and surface brightness profiles for 100 early-type members of the Virgo Cluster, from dwarfs (MB=-15.1 mag) to giants (MB=-21.8 mag), imaged in the g and z passbands using the Advanced Camera for Surveys on board the Hubble Space Telescope. Dust and complex morphological structures are common. Dust is detected in 42% of gala ...

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