TitleDust-corrected Star Formation Rates of Galaxies. II. Combinations of Ultraviolet and Infrared Tracers
AuthorsHao, Cai-Na; Kennicutt, Robert C.; Johnson, Benjamin D.; Calzetti, Daniela; Dale, Daniel A ...

2011ApJ...741..124H   Search ADS ↗

AbstractWe present new calibrations of far-ultraviolet (FUV) attenuation as derived from the total infrared to FUV luminosity ratio (IRX) and the FUV-near-UV(NUV) color. We find that the IRX-corrected FUV luminosities are tightly and linearly correlated with the attenuation-corrected Hα luminosities (as measured from the Balmer decrement), with an rms scatter of ±0.09 dex. The ratios of these attenuation-corrected FUV to H ...

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