purpledot General Catalogues of Non-Stellar Objects
purpledot Descriptions of Catalogues and Atlases
purpledot Primary Galaxy Catalogues
purpledot Secondary Galaxy Catalogues
purpledot Smaller Lists of Galaxies
purpledot Photographs and Photographic Atlases
purpledot Illustrations Supporting Classification Schemes
purpledot Interacting, Peculiar and Active Galaxies
purpledot Dusty Ellipticals
purpledot Ellipticals with Shells
purpledot Galaxies with Polar Rings
purpledot Warped Spiral Galaxies
purpledot Bulge Types
purpledot Positional Identifications of Galaxies
purpledot NED
purpledot Named Galaxies
purpledot Local Group Galaxies
purpledot Linear Dimensions and True Axial Ratios of Galaxies
purpledot Luminosities and Absolute Magnitudes
purpledot Surface Brightnesses of Galaxies
purpledot Masses of Galaxies
purpledot Mass-to-Light Ratios of Galaxies
purpledot References

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