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Chapter 6. The Distribution of Baryons in the Universe

6.1. Extragalactic Backgrounds

6.1.1. The Radio Background
6.1.2. The Infrared Background
6.1.3. The UV Background
6.1.4. The X-ray Background
6.1.5. The Gamma Ray Background
6.1.6. A Possible Decaying Particle Background

6.2. The Space Density of Galaxies
6.2.1. The Luminosity Function of Galaxies
6.2.2. Deep Galaxy Counts: The Mystery of the Faint Blue Galaxies
6.2.3. A New Population of Galaxies at z = 0

6.3. Surface Brightness Selection Effects
6.3.1. Diameter Limited catalogs
6.3.2. Flux Limited Catalogs

6.4. Discovering Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
6.4.1. The Space Density of Galaxies as a Function of surface brightness
6.4.2. The Properties of LSB Galaxies
6.4.3. Cosmological Relevance of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies

6.5. Summary