Discontinuing Services

Discontinuing Services

NEDBATCH Services Ended

As part of the restructuring of NED services, the e-mail-based NEDBATCH feature has been discontinued as of April 2014. Most of the same functionality (and more flexibility) can be found in the following links:
Search For Objects By Parameters with Backgrounding & Queueing
Build Data Table from Input List By Name
Build Data Table from Input List Near Name/Position (Cross-Matching)

Related information can be found in these links:
NED Guidelines for Automated Queries
Interfaces and Services

NEDSRV End-of-Life

NED Server Mode (also called "nedsrv", a TCP-socket, telnet style, service at port 10011) which supports primarily legacy automated processing, is at the end of its operational life. We plan to stop this service permanently in the near future. All the routinely used services provided by "nedsrv" are provided more reliably by the NED web services using http queries and xml output. Please see the NED Guidelines for Automated Queries.

We are committed to providing services to the best benefit of our users, both individual and institutional, within available resources. Coordination and collaboration with other data providers and centers of excellence in applicable technologies is one of the best ways to do this. The internet and our community is now flush with frameworks, protocols, conventions and even standards, unlike the situation when NED created these services, over 20 years ago. In the long-term, it is mutually beneficial for NED to continue moving with the community.

To provide input on any of our services or plans, please contact us via NED Helpdesk.