April 2022 Release Highlights

Database Contents

Tabular summaries of NED's current holdings are presented here. Graphic summaries are presented here.

References and Object Pointers

85,032 new object links (pointers) to 1,334 new references including:

  • 4,195 galaxy clusters from The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: A Catalog of >4000 Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Galaxy Clusters (Hilton, M. et al., 2021ApJS..253....3H )
  • 2,684 galaxies from High-redshift Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies: A Candidate Sample (Rakshit, S. et al., 2021ApJS..253...28R )
  • 727 galaxies from The Third Data Release of the KODIAQ Survey (O'Meara, J. et al., 2021AJ....161...45O )
  • 14,069 dwarf galaxies from The Fornax Deep Survey with the VST. IV. A size and magnitude limited catalog of dwarf galaxies in the area of the Fornax cluster (Venhola, A. et al., 2018A&A...620A.165V )
  • 6,287 radio sources from The XXL Survey. XXVI. Optical and near-infrared identifications of the ATCA 2.1 GHz radio sources in the XXL-S Field (Ciliegi, P. et al., 2018A&A...620A..11C )
  • 5,434 radio sources from The XXL Survey. XXIX. GMRT 610 MHz continuum observations (Vernesa, S. et al., 2018A&A...620A..14S )

Cross-IDs and New Objects

  • 79,995 sources from the literature cross-identified with NED objects
  • 19,700 new NED objects including galaxies, quasars, clusters of galaxies, supernovae, globular clusters as well as unidentified radio, visual, infrared, X-ray, and gamma-ray sources
  • 1,961 Supernovae through October 2021 from ASASSN, and Transient Name Server
  • 57 Gamma-Ray Bursts through Oct 2021 from Swift GRBs with XRT positions


  • 53,572 additional redshifts
  • 5,090 more objects with redshifts


3,883 new photometric data points integrated into SEDs, including:

  • VIS: HST magnitudes from Detection of a Large Population of Ultradiffuse Galaxies in Massive Galaxy Clusters: Abell S1063 and Abell 2744 (Lee, M. G. et al., 2017ApJ...844..157L)
  • RADIO: VLA fluxes from An ALMA survey of submillimetre galaxies in the COSMOS field: The extent of the radio-emitting region revealed by 3 GHz imaging with the Very Large Array (Miettinen, O. et al., 2017A&A...602A..54M)
  • XRAY: Chandra fluxes from X-Ray Scaling Relations of Early-type Galaxies (Babyk, Iu. V. et al., 2018ApJ...857...32B)
  • UV: GALEX magnitudes from Ultra-diffuse Galaxies at Ultraviolet Wavelengths (Singh, P. R. et al., 2019AJ....157..212S)

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