December 2018 Release

(Latest Revision: 11 Dec 2018)

The following improvements have been made to the user interface:

  • SED plots now provide error bars, upper limits, and various presentation improvements.
  • Single object reports include a new tab containing Galactic Extinctions.
  • Resolution of various known issues
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November 2018 Release

The following improvements have been made to the user interface:

  • Three search forms from the classic UI (Near Name, Near Position, and IAU Format) have been consolidated into a single form to simplify searching for objects Near Name or Near Position (Cone), including an option for IAU style input. This new form also supports optional search constraints on redshift, object type and name prefix, as well as changes to the default cosmological parameters and output formats. By name, near name and near position searches with NED's default search options can also be performed by using the single entry box on the NED homepage. (Click the help (?) icon there for examples.)
  • Tabular results of object searches — Near Name or Near Position (Cone) and In Refcode, now have the same appearance and interactive features as the tables in By Name search results, implemented using the IPAC Firefly package. Coming soon: visualization of NED objects overlaid on survey imagery of the search region.
  • The pre-selected ("quick pick") cosmological parameters in the object search forms (By Name, Cone, In Refcode, and By Parameters) have been updated to include results from Nine-Year WMAP (2013ApJS..208...19H) and Planck 2015 (2016A&A...594A..13P).
  • NOTE: Quantities derived from redshift (luminosity distance, scales, sizes, etc.) in the new UI are now computed using the cosmological parameters from the Planck 2015 (2016A&A...594A..13P) results. You can change these default settings in the Cosmological Parameters section of the Search Options in any of the object search forms.
  • Updates to the UI help system including tool tips for Coordinates, Extinction and Velocity Calculators, and to the documentation pages on Search Objects and Calculators.
  • In the Images tab of the By Name query reports, one-click access to the same object in the IRSA Finderchart service is now provided. Once you are in the Finderchart UI, you can click on the Search button (upper left corner) to change the field of view, select different images, etc.
  • A tutorial video showing Image Search capabilities is available here.

This release also includes solutions to various known issues. See also: Prior Release Notes.