2MASS Point Source Catalog

(Latest revision: 08 November 2017)


The 2MASS Point Source Catalog (PSC) contins positional and photometric infomation for 470,992,970 compact sources extracted from the Two Micron All Sky Suvey (2MASS) imaging data, in the near-infrared J(1.25 microns), H(1.65 microns) and Ks (2.16 microns) bandpasses. The 10-sigma point source detection level is better than 15.8, 15.1 and 14.3 mag at the J, H, and Ks bands, respectively. Details on the survey and data products can be found in the 2MASS Explanatrory Supplement.

NED nomenclature

Example: 2MASS J06585227-8718174

Processing Notes

Photometry, astrometry, and nomenclature for 471 million sources in the 2MASS Point Source Catalog are being integrated into NED using an updated data ingestion and cross-matching pipeline. The November 2017 release contains the results of cross-matching 150 million sources (32% of the entire catalog) that are located at declination south of -37 degrees. Among these 2MASS PSC sources, 92% are new objects to NED, and 8% have new cross-identifications with prior NED objects, including the fusion of their photometric data into object SEDs. Cross-matching and data fusion for the rest of the catalog is in progress in the Production database, and will be available in a NED update in early 2018.