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Chapter 3. Structure in the Universe: Galaxies, Clusters, Superclusters, Walls and Voids

3.1. Overview and Caveats

3.2. Hierarchical Structures Uncovered
3.2.1. Groups of Galaxies
3.2.2. Clusters of Galaxies
3.2.3. Clusters of Clusters : Superclusters

3.4. There's More Out There Than Just Light

3.5. Redshift Surveys: Defining Physical Structures
3.5.1. Hierarchical Clustering Patterns
3.5.2. The Coming of the Stickman
3.5.3. The Void in Bootes
3.5.4. The Deeply Probed Universe
3.5.5. Correlation Scales

3.6. The Peculiar Velocity Field
3.6.1. Inflows and Outflows
3.6.2. Virgocentric Flow
3.6.3. Large Scale Flows: Continental Drift in the Nearby Universe?
3.6.4. Infall Around the Great Attractor: A Case Study

3.7. A Case Study: The Physical Structure of Voids and Walls
3.7.1. Are Voids Real Structures?
3.7.2. Are Walls Really Thin?

3.8. A Really, Really Big Flow?

3.9. A Determination of H0 Using the Virgo and Coma Clusters

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